COVID-19: Patient Information

Due to the current coronavirus lockdown, we have temporarily restricted our services. The reason for this is twofold:

  • Private hospitals are assisting with the NHS response to coronavirus, so all private treatments have been put on hold. 
  • In line with Department of Health and Public Health England guidelines, we are adhering to social-distancing rules to protect our patients, employees and the wider public.

What does this mean for new and follow-up patients?

We are replacing face-to-face clinic appointments with a free call or video mini-consultation during the lockdown period. This means that patients can still call our specialist team to:

  • Discuss their symptoms
  • Seek advice and information
  • Plan their next treatment step for when the coronavirus pandemic has passed

If you would like to book a free call or video mini-consultation, please call us on 0121 364 1600 or email

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