Ideally, yes. A letter of referral from your GP or referring physician would be useful. Please ask your GP to fax, post or email this to us prior to your appointment, or you can bring it with you. You can also self-refer by calling us on 0121 364 1600 (option 2).
We can usually see patients within 3-4 days of contacting the clinic. Where an urgent appointment is required, we make every effort to arrange for the consultant to see you as soon as possible.

To make an appointment or should you have any queries, please contact us on 0121 364 1600 (option 2).

You will meet with the consultant who will take a detailed clinical history of your symptoms and any other relevant information, including past medical and surgical history and list of medications. You will also have a physical examination of the anal canal and rectum, and potentially a direct internal visualisation with a proctoscope (short plastic tube). Your consultant will then explain what may be causing your symptoms, and either offer you treatments or arrange further investigations if necessary. The initial consultation and examination usually take 20 minutes.

We offer a full range of investigations, which we can usually arrange for you within a week of the consultation.

After your investigations or any treatment, we will normally see you for a follow-up consultation at the clinic. This may involve a further examination and usually lasts 10 minutes.

No, you do not need private healthcare insurance to become a patient with us. You can self-pay. We accept payment for consultations by cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Haemorrhoids are classified into four grades:

Grade I haemorrhoids (internal piles) do not prolapse (push out) of the anal canal. They usually bleed as the patient goes to the toilet. The blood is typically fresh and red and seen to be separate from the stools, usually on the paper.

Grade II haemorrhoids are larger, and sometimes prolapse from the anus during defaecation. However, the piles return inside once the patient stops defaecating.

Grade III haemorrhoids prolapse from the anus during defaecation and the patient can push them back inside using a finger.

Grade IV haemorrhoids can permanently protrude from the anus and cannot be pushed back inside.

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